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Targeting market flip

Taking a product feature like targeting — which requires pros to autopay for leads — from voluntary to mandatory is a delicate task. We flipped one market, and then more, and then finally the entirety of Thumbtack was operating in a targeting-only world.

Lead designer: Lo Hayes


  • awareness: 77% of pros in our first market flip could recall the flip was happening

  • avoided loss: year-over-year revenue of flipped markets on par and sometimes slightly higher than non-flipped markets 

  • improved customer experience: % of pros responding within 4 hours improved from low ~50% to ~+80%

  • improved pro experience: of pros surveyed in second market flip, 76% of pros stated that targeting always or sometimes benefited their business

  • action: 29% of pros who visited the landing page turned on targeting

What is targeting desktop for mock_iphone12black_portrait.png
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